Health Education

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Health fair participants have their blood pressure and glucose levels tested at CHS’s Bridgeton, NJ, office. Photo by Stephanie Johnson

Grounded in formative research and principles of health promotion and cultural competence, CHS uses an audience-centered approach to health education that recognizes the complexity of human behavior and social determinants of health. Our programs incorporate innovative approaches to help program participants improve their capacity to prevent or manage chronic diseases.

Through the Latinas/Ladies Involved in Full Treatment (LIFT) program, CHS designs, implements, and evaluates innovative approaches to ensure that women of color living with HIV or AIDS in Cumberland County, NJ, have access to and continue to be actively engaged in quality treatment and care.

To advance the idea that HIV/AIDS is most effectively fought at the community level, CHS supported HIV counseling and testing ;among minority populations. The program aimed to raise awareness on how to prevent HIV, encourage safer sex practices, and change community norms by maximizing community participation and making safer sexual practices an acceptable norm.

To support New Jersey’s efforts to reduce, and eventually eliminate, health disparities in the state, CHS provided diabetes management services to the African-American, Latino, and migrant and seasonal farmworker populations. In this effort, we worked to increase the screening and identification of individuals at risk of and living with diabetes and to improve access to care and resources to improve diabetes management.