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Class instructor and Student. Photo by Brian Donnelly


The Center for Human Services (CHS) works with private industry and government agencies to provide cost-effective, impactful programs for adult learners of all types. We specialize in language training, including for students with limited to no literacy skills, and for those who are learning English or Spanish as a second language. Additionally, we offer citizenship education and support services for employees transitioning to the next level of education or employment. Learn more about our English as a Second Language (ESL) programs and what we offer for employers and students. For more information, please contact us.

Our Experience

In 1981, CHS launched our High School Equivalency Program (HEP) and ranked third among all 61 HEP programs nationwide in 2013. The Project successfully helped over 7,000 migrant and seasonal farmworkers acquire their General Education Development certificates (the equivalent of a high school diploma) and successfully transition to the next level of education, vocational training, or employment or to the military. We work closely with a network of organizations and higher education institutions to give HEP participants a wide range of services, including job readiness and life skills coaching, parenting and career counseling, health education, ESL instruction, and cultural exchange activities.

Through our Consolidated Adult Basic Skills program, we provide English literacy services; civics education in US history, governance, and democracy; and assistance with preparation for the US naturalization test to foreign-born adults since 1999.

Some of our past experience includes leading the South Jersey Families Re-Connected Coalition, which provided English, parenting, and financial literacy services to families in Cumberland County, NJ. In Pennsylvania, CHS administered an adult education component of Migrant EvenStart that was a program originally intended for the children of migrant and seasonal farmworkers. The program helped farmworkers gain life and academic skills, such as remedial math, reading and writing, art instruction, computer literacy, and ESL instruction.

With CHS’s four decades of teaching English as a Second Language, we heightened our services to the national capacity for other critical-need languages, such as Arabic and Chinese through the Summer STARTALK Institute. By partnering with McDaniel College, we worked to increase the number and expertise of students and teachers of these languages of a high-quality bilingual education/ESL teacher training.

For Students

CHS works to help those we serve acquire enhanced life skills that improve their well-being and support their ability to empower themselves. We deliver culturally relevant programs for English learners at every level, including those who have limited to no literacy skills, learning English as a second language (ESL), or are proficient in English. In addition to assisting them with language acquisition, we support them in becoming US citizens and successfully transitioning to the next level of education or employment.

For Employers

Today, it is more essential than ever to make the most of the good workers already in your employ. More than 80 percent of employers responding to a recent National Association of Manufacturer’s poll said they were experiencing a shortage of qualified workers.

In the past decade, approximately half of the growth in the U.S. working-age population came from immigrants. From 2016-2035, it is estimated that all of that growth will come from immigration. Many of these workers enter the workforce with little or no English language proficiency- a skill considered crucial to any company’s long-term competitiveness and productivity.

English language skills among staff contribute to:

  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Better internal communication
  • Less time and money lost to recruiting, hiring and training new staff
  • Reduced risk of employee injury
  • More opportunities to promote employees within

Our Approach

To create a customized training for each client company, CHS follows a three-step approach.
CHS ESL Approach

The CHS Difference

CHS’s approach to workplace training is certified, customizable, effective, and proven.

Certified Customizable Effective Proven
All instructors are State Certified or have received their BA with a minimum of 3 years of providing adult education Content adapted to meet each client company’s specific requirements 76% of CHS’ ESL students who completed at least 60 hours of instruction achieved one or more educational level gains Curriculum tied to standardized tests so that gains ae easily measured and demonstrated
Nationally recognized registration and testing protocol Courses conducted on-site at the client’s location of choice Total hours of instruction customized to client’s budget and location CHS has been providing ESL instruction since 1998

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, most publicly-funded English as a Second Language (ESL) programs fail to work with employers to provide training customized to their business needs. The CHS adult education programs are specifically designed to fill that gap.