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Workplace Sexual Violence Prevention Pennsylvania

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Through a grant from the US Department of Labor, CHS developed training materials to build the capacity of both male and female agricultural workers, including supervisors, to prevent and abate workplace sexual violence. The educational materials are appropriate for use by adult English language learners, and address the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of workplace sexual violence of agricultural workers. The basic materials include a student manual and PowerPoint presentation. Novellas (stories) are used to present characters from a variety of agricultural industries (e.g. crop workings, dairy workings, poultry processors, etc.), broadening the context in which the materials are perceived as applicable. The instructor’s guide provides information for teachers and program managers on facilitating the integration of the materials into adult English as a Second language (ESL) programs and migrant ESL programs.

Key Activities

  • Developed the following training materials:
    • Student manual
    • Instructor’s guide
    • PowerPoint Presentation

The student manual and PowerPoint presentation cover the same general topics related to workplace sexual violence prevention for limited-English-proficient agricultural workers. The Instructor’s guide provides guidance for instructors and program managers on facilitating the materials’ integration in adult ESL programs and migrant education programs.

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