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STARTALK Institute on Integrating Communication and Culture in Chinese Language Program

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Students learning during a STARTALK session. Photo by CHS.


This spring, CHS is administering this intensive five-week, 90-hour program, designed for instructors of Chinese at the elementary through high school levels. The program provides an innovative, supportive, differentiated, and academically rigorous learning environment that assists teacher-trainees to understand and implement high-yield teaching and learning strategies, assisting teacher-trainees in improve their understanding of an ability to integrate the World-Readiness Standards for learning languages.

Key Activities

The CHS project will feature a(n):

  • Two-week, face-to-face program
  • Three-week synchronous
  • Online follow-up session
  • Supervised practicum
  • Pre-program technology workshop and orientation

Quick Facts

Grogan Ullah, Project Director
Center for Human Services
Tel: 717-945-0975

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