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Rapid Expansion of Nutritional Recuperation Services for Malnourished Children in Nigerien Facilities

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CHS built on earlier work by its affiliate, University Research Co., LLC (URC), to create and implement a pediatric malnutrition recuperation program. Leveraging the Quality Assurance Project’s Pediatric Hospital Improvement Collaborative, the project rapidly expanded nutritional recuperation services for acutely malnourished children in 15 district hospitals. In addition, it built local capacity to improve behavior change and communication, screenings, referrals and recuperation.

Key Activities

  • Close to 2,000 severely malnourished children were admitted for recuperation at 15 participating hospitals.
  • The percentage of children systematically screened for malnutrition rose from 0% at baseline to 41% in 2007.
  • Overall compliance with recuperation standards—including screening, nutrition recuperation, medical management and discharge/ referral planning—increased from less than 10% at baseline to 88% in 2007.
  • The average monthly malnutrition case-fatality rate fell from 29% in the first quarter to 13% in 2007.

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American Jewish World Services, USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, and UNICEF