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Prevention of High-Risk Drinking Among College Students

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In support of a federal effort to establish safe, supportive and healthy schools, CHS conducted the “Late Nights” program to reduce high-risk drinking (HRD) among first-year students and members of fraternities and sororities at McDaniel College. The program sought to reframe HRD as a community issue by engaging students, parents and other stakeholders in all programming.

Key Activities

  • Developed training materials and campus-specific brochures on HRD,
  • Used the Second Life platform to assist students in exploring issues related to alcohol and HRD,
  • Provided training to student and resident life mentors of first-year students,
  • Developed and disseminated posters on social norms related to alcohol consumption,
  • Sponsored activities and promoted positive messaging at events where students often engage in HRD,
  • Sponsored guest lectures and faculty symposia on HRD, and
  • Promoted referrals to campus counseling services for students with concerns about their alcohol consumption


  • Developed a project website, “Late Nights at McDaniel College,” that served as a repository of project materials, provided links to resources and best practices, and promoted prevention and social norms for students.
  • Delivered a poster presentation, Prevention of high-risk drinking at McDaniel College, at the 2009 American Public Health Association conference.

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