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MERC facilitated federal efforts to provide academic and supportive services to the children of people who migrate to work in the US agricultural and fishing industries. We supported state efforts to improve migrant education programs (MEPs) and to enhance their effectiveness in meeting the needs of migrant children, particularly the most mobile.

Key Activities

  • Provided state MEPs with expert technical assistance,
  • Trained and supported activities to identify and recruit migrant children,
  • Hosted and facilitated national and regional meetings of state educators and community groups that support migrant children, and
  • Maintained a website and web-enabled library so state and local educators of migrant children could share documents.


  • Developed the first national curriculum/standards for identifying and recruiting eligible children into MEP.
  • Organized, facilitated and hosted the first-ever, Office of Migrant Education (OME) conference, which attracted several OME-funded programs and aired such topics as coordination, services and program design to promote continuous improvement.

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