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Migrant Education and Training Support

CHS Project
METS Project Director Paula M. Errigo (left) reviews METS program services with a potential client.


We helped state migrant education programs (MEPs) meet federal guidelines on migrant education. Our contribution was to evaluate their migrant education programs and identify and recruit eligible students, while complying with state-specific migrant education regulations.

Key Activities

  • Trained personnel in identifying and recruiting migrant children;
  • Evaluated state MEPs;
  • Assisted in producing MEP materials and documents, such as action plans, for state and local educational agencies; and
  • Supported states in developing comprehensive needs assessments and service delivery plans.


  • Designed a curriculum for Delaware to assist recruiters with the social complexity of reaching and engaging the families of migrant children.
  • Provided training in how to identify and recruit students for the Delaware Department of Education.
  • Developed an evaluation plan for the San Jose, CA, Unified School District, to assess the district’s migrant education summer program.
  • Provided training to identify and recruit students and developed a policy manual on the state’s MEP for the Idaho Department of Education.
  • Provided training to identify and recruit students for the Indiana Department of Education.
  • Supported the organization of a national pre-conference forum on identification and recruitment of migrant children for the National Migrant Education Conference
  • Trained recruiters to identify and enroll eligible students for the Montana Department of Education.
  • Conducted an evaluation (covering accountability and reporting systems, data collection systems and implementation of the service delivery plan) for the Washington Department of Education.
  • Developed and conducted 11 training sessions in May 2012, during the National Association of State Directors of Migrant Education Conference in Portland, Oregon. Approximately 50 people attended each session (more than 550 overall).

Quick Facts

Geographic Focus
Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Montana, Washington (state), San Jose, California

Departments of Education in the states/ city where we worked: Delaware; Idaho; Indiana; Montana and Washington (state) and San Jose, California