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Latinas/Ladies Involved in Full Treatment (LIFT)

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These game cards are from the “Yo Me Cuido” (I Take Care of Myself) curriculum, which helps women living with HIV/AIDS understand the importance of treatment adherence. CHS Senior Content Associate Luz Amparo Pinzon, PhD, designed the game.


As part of the Special Projects of National Significance Program, Latinas/Ladies Involved in Full Treatment (LIFT) is one of 10 demonstration sites charged with designing, implementing and evaluating innovative ways to enhance access to primary medical and ancillary services by HIV-positive women of color and to retain them in such services.

Key Activities

  • Providing culturally and linguistically appropriate care coordination
  • Delivering the Yo me Cuido/I Take Care of Myself curriculum, which focuses on increasing HIV/AIDS knowledge and self-efficacy
  • Planning and implementing quarterly “house parties,” a safe haven where participants and staff can talk freely about living with HIV/AIDS
  • Offering monthly support groups where participants discuss common problems and support each other


  • Evaluated the Yo Me Cuido/I Take Care of Myself curriculum. Results showed a positive change in HIV-related knowledge and attitudes when comparing participants’ pre- and post-curriculum test results
  • Presented a poster, Barriers to access and treatment in quality HIV/AIDS care: Interventions with Latinas & African Americans, at the 2011 American Public Health Association meeting
  • Participated in panel and poster presentations on key findings from LIFT’s Yo Me Cuido/I Take Care of Myself curriculum at the 2012 Ryan White Meeting

Quick Facts

Geographic Focus
Cumberland County, NJ

US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, HIV/AIDS Bureau