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Families in Motion

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Families in Motion will provide families with tools to become self-sufficient, develop sustainable strategies for achieving goals, and become more engaged community members.


Families in Motion (FIM) is a family-strengthening collaborative lead by the Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey and supported by CHS, Latin American Economic Development Association, and Inspira Medical Center. The program is built on three pillars: economic stability, healthy well-being, and civic engagement. It also utilizes the two-generation model: adults and children working together to reach their family’s goals.

CHS supports the collaborative by assisting low-income families with developing goals and identifying and utilizing community resources that can help achieve them. Because English is not the primary language for many families participating in the program, CHS provides inter-generational ESL family literacy classes. Families who learn and/or enhance their English language skills can:

  • better manage their financial affairs and leverage opportunities for increasing their income, thereby, increasing their economic stability;
  • improve their ability to make informed health decisions, thereby, maintaining or achieving a healthy well-being; and
  • increase their involvement in activities that build community and participate in civic affairs and discourse, thus becoming more civically engaged.

Key Activities

  • Family development coaching
  • Intergenerational ESL family literacy classes


Families in Motion’s objective is to provide families with tools to become self-sufficient and develop sustainable strategies for achieving their goals and becoming more engaged community members.

Quick Facts

Geographic Focus

Cumberland and Gloucester Counties, New Jersey


Pascale Sykes Foundation through the Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey