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Consolidated Adult Basic Skills and Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education

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Students learning (TBD). Photo by CHS.


To support New Jersey in building a stronger workforce to meet the needs of businesses in the state, CHS provides English literacy and civics education to foreign-born adult learners. Instruction focuses on helping students learn in real-life contexts to ensure that they gain the necessary skills to compete in the workplace and exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens. These efforts have been implemented through successive subcontracts with the Vineland Public Schools’ Adult Education Program and the Salem County/Cumberland Adult Basic Services Consortium.

Key Activities

  • Providing instruction in two educational programs 1) English as a second language and 2) integrated English literacy and civics
  • Recruiting program participants through community outreach
  • Counseling students and assisting them with developing individualized instructional plans and careers goals and with exploring their personal interests and skills

Quick Facts

Geographic Focus
Cumberland County, NJ

NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development