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CHS Project
CHS is involved in many projects. Photo by CHS.


In support of New Jersey’s endeavors to provide affordable public health coverage for low-income children and youth, CHS focused on increasing the enrollment of eligible, minority children into the NJ FamilyCare Program. The program’s health insurance gave children and parents/guardians free or affordable annual check-ups, dental visits, hospitalizations, prescriptions and other medical needs

Key Activities

  • Used radio and television ads to raise awareness about available health care services
  • Helped families complete applications
  • Trained outreach advocates
  • Conducted focus group discussions with health care providers, other key stakeholders and intended audiences


  • Partnered with Univision to broadcast information on eligibility and enrollment rules and procedures
  • Helped 3000 children to enroll

Quick Facts

Geographic Focus
Cumberland County, NJ

New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services